• Work out of the day: THE TEN

    Work out of the day: THE TEN

    The TEN is a series of exercises that combines full body power, strength, endurance, agility and bodyweight plyometrics into one full workout routine. The idea of this MetCon (metabolic conditioning) circuit training style workout is to help you improve your cardiovascular and muscular endurance at the same time! You don’t need a specialized gym or extra expensive equipment for that matter.

    3 rounds for time, Minimal to No resting in between Exercises and Sets

    10 Deadlifts 10 box jump overs
    10 Explosive Push Presses, 10 Bupees
    10 Plyometric Push-ups, 10 Strict Pullups
    10 Goblet Squats, 10 Bodyweight Air Squats
    1:00 Jumprope (Double Unders for those who have the ability)

    The Kicker: Get on a Concept 2 Rowing Machine (If your gym has one) and row for 1,000 meters. *Optional*

    Men’s Weight load (135 lbs barbell, 60lbs Kettlebell)
    Women’s Weight Load (115 lbs barbell, 35 lbs Kettlebell

    There is a regression to each exercise if needs be:
    Decrease weight load if it is too heavy, Lower box jump overs if stacked too high, perform plyo push-ups on knees, tie a resistance band around the pull-up bar to assist you in pulling yourself up.

    Not too bad right?? Try The Ten out!

    Do you want more workouts? I am a NASM (National Academy Of Sports Medicine) Certified Personal trainer with a vast knowledge of all kinds of exercise modalities and I love to mix it up! Contact me!

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