“I have been working out fairly consistently for years but I could never acheive the midsection that Ive always wanted. After consulting with Trey Smith he taught me how important my diet would be to acheiveing my fitness goal. Trey created a meal plan for me that was easy to follow, never left me hungry, and it even has cheat days!! The combination of high protein, high fiber, and low fat was the perfect combination for me! After only a few weeks of following the diet I have seen amazing results in my midsection! I cant wait to actually get in the gym with this guy and maximize my results even further!!”

Before and After

-Ricardo “Mac” McNeely

“Thank you Trey Smith for the positive encouragement during my fitness journey I’ve lost the weight & stayed SANE!”

-Alice Marie Hampton

“I would like to thank Trey and Smith Advanced Nutritional Enterprise, LLC for the excellent nutritional advice! I started incorporating the tips a few at a time in January. I haven’t fully incorporated everything that is needed of me but I have seen a great change. I have lost 6lbs and dropped a dress size! It has been easy to follow the tips given because you don’t have to give up the food you love just make better choices. Remember you didn’t get the way you are over night so don’t expect to get where you want to be over night! You have to work for anything you want and if you want a lean tone body I am convinced that Smith Advanced Nutritional Enterprise, LLC can help! Thanks Trey!”

-Kenya Middleton

“First off, I would to thank a former co-worker, friend, and inspirational motivator for helping me with my personal fitness goals! Thank You Rendell Smith! Rendell created a well thought out meal plan that helped me achieve a fitness goal that seemed too far to reach! I used his meal plan for 2 weeks and lost 5 lbs easily! Not only have I lost weight but I feel more energy throughout the day utilizing his meal plan! Oh, an did I mention he added a cheat day which helps alleviate some cravings that you may get during a diet! I recommend Rendell’s meal plan to anyone who is trying to get lean and cut up!! It works! I stand by my words when I say Rendell is an expert at nutrition and his meal plan has guaranteed results!! Thanks again old friend.”
Before and After

-Travis Martho

“Hey Trey, I just wanted to let you know that the nutritional plan you sent me was ABSOLUTELY what I needed. Your plan affirmed the fact that working out and nutrition go hand-n-hand….you can’t have one without the other. I plan on incorporating the plan you sent me into my LIFESTYLE…and not just a temporary diet! Thanks again brother for the nutritional guidance.”

-Brandon Daniel