• Beach Season Is Here!  Are You Ready?

    Beach Season Is Here! Are You Ready?

    Soooo that time of year has come again! The sun is shining bright, the weather is absolutely beautiful, the water is glistening and all eyes are on YOU! So what are you going to do? Are you going to let this beach season pass you by again or are you going to get fit! Are you going to keep the “I’ll wait until next year” attitude or are you going to go and get it RIGHT NOW.

    There is a certain saying that my friends and I tell each other: “You gonna Barbecue or Mildew?” lol When we say barbecue or mildew we mean just that, metaphorically speaking, its either all or nothing. With that being said, this blog is solely created for those individuals who are ready to make a change right now.

    So what is the number one thing we strive to attain in order to look good in our swimming gear? A flat, ripped stomach it is. I’ll be the first to say that it won’t happen overnight, but with dedication to nutrition and a good exercise routine you will be on your way to the coveted 6-pack in no time!

    Here are proven tips that I personally use in order to maintain a flat stomach and lean build. This is a two part combination of Nutrition tips and Fitness tips:

    1. Eat breakfast like a King, lunch like a Prince, dinner like a Pauper. This quote is a great way to remember how to eat throughout your day. When choosing what to eat for breakfast, make sure you are getting significant fiber and protein value out of your food choices.

    What you eat for breakfast sets the tone, nutrition wise, for the remainder of your day. Breakfast will be your most important meal, followed by a light lunch and even lighter dinner. One of the worst mistakes people can make is eating too much food too late at night. Opt for your final meal to be no later then 7pm and include some kind of vegetable in that meal as well.

    2. In between meals, it is imperative that you snack healthy. Forget the vending machine and snack on fruit or a protein bar. Bread is not your friend, try to abstain from bread as much as you can. Cut the sugar as much as possible. Candy, cakes and other sweets must be eaten sparingly.

    3. Cut the salty, greasy Junk Food. Anything that you know contains high fat content, mayo, thick salad dressings, fast food, fried food, anything cooked in grease, fatty cuts of pork and beef, just to name a few. Opt for lean cuts of chicken and turkey, fish, and veggies with every meal.

    4. WATER WATER WATER! Drink water above anything else. Make it a top priority to drink water with all of your meals and snacks.

    1.Sweat it out! Cardiovascular activities will be your best friend when trying to lose belly fat. Switch it up from day to day to keep your body guessing, for example: Run on the treadmill or outside on Monday, Tuesday get on the bike and ride, Wednesday jump on the elliptical machine, Thursday is aerobics class, and Friday is back on the treadmill.

    2. Opt for a workout regimen of high intensity interval training to burn more fat. This type of workout consists of several exercises done in sets with minimal rest in between them. This is definitely the best style of working out, for best results implement a different variety of plyometric exercises into each workout session.

    3. Go HARD and NEVER give up! Some days are going to be tough, some days you are going to want to give up but if you really want it then you have to dedicate yourself and put in the work!

    Check out one of my dedicated client’s, Ricardo McNeely, before and after pic! Following a SANE orchestrated nutrition and exercise plan combined with Dedication, Hardwork, and Belief got him to where he is at now! He’s definitely beach ready…will YOU be?

    Before and After

  • Posted by Lisa on May 1, 2013 at 8:24 pm

    Hi Trey,
    How do I get abs like yours? I’m not in the Atlanta area can you still help me?

    • Posted by Trey on May 3, 2013 at 6:17 pm
      in reply to Lisa

      Lisa! I can definitely help you! Shoot me an email at trey.smith@saneweight.com and let me know your specifics as far as your height, weight, and the time frame you want to reach your goal in and we will go from there! Look forward to hearing back from you!


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