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  • 24NOV


    My All Natural Supplementation Program For Lean Muscle Mass

    My All Natural Supplementation Program For Lean Muscle Mass

    After I completed my most recent Men’s Physique contest in early Aug 2014, I realized that there was a glaring need in my Physique to add size, especially in my entire back area. I was satisfied with my ranking, but there was no doubt in my mind that I had to get bigger in order

  • 14SEP


    Work out of the day: THE TEN

    Work out of the day: THE TEN

    The TEN is a series of exercises that combines full body power, strength, endurance, agility and bodyweight plyometrics into one full workout routine. The idea of this MetCon (metabolic conditioning) circuit training style workout is to help you improve your cardiovascular and muscular endurance at the same time! You don’t need a specialized gym or

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Trey Smith  @SANEWEIGHT2013
Trey Smith  @SANEWEIGHT2013
Awesome! Thank you for the feature Catapult Lakeland! 
Trey Smith  @SANEWEIGHT2013
Huge shoutout to our client Darius for sticking with the program and transforming himself. We are still Working ha…